2. (A). The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Support Services started activities in March. 2014, when the Coordinator formally assumed office. Prior to this time, the Coordinator served as “Adjunct Lecturer I” Entrepreneurship, in the General Studies Department of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University.

Within the period under review, i.e., March 2014 to August, 2014, the following are the general and specific activities of the Centre:-

  • Preparation of the Concept Document, for the establishment of the Centre and setting template and strategies for the workings and future activities of the Centre.
    • Identification and profiling of sixteen trades for the take –off of the Centre. The trades include:
      • Fashion Designing
      • Hairdressing(with Manicure and Pedicure)
      • Furniture and Woodwork
      • Catering and Confectionery Services (incorporating Pop Corn production)
      • General Electrical ( for Computer Repairs, GSM and general Electrical installation)
      • Plumbing
      • Leather Works and shoe making
      • Masonry and Building
      • Screen Printing and graphic Arts
      • Photography
      • Knitting
      • Web Design
      • Kampala/Adire(Textile Production)
      • Metal Welding and Fabrication


B. Compilation of the equipment needs for the identified trades for the take –off of the Centre as well as the models, specification and prices, and subsequent presentation to the Vice-Chancellor.

C. Presentation of equipment needs and total cost by the Vice-Chancellor to TETFUND for intervention funding.

D. Participation in the opening of the bids for the supply of equipment required by the Centre for Vocational Skill Acquisition programmes.

E. Participated in the Technical Evaluation of bidders’ competencies and selection of successful bidders for the supply of equipment needs of the Centre.

F. The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Support Services organised the FUOYE 1ST Global Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture, 2014 on 6th August, 2014. The Lecture was delivered by Professor S.O. Otokiti, Head, Department of Business Studies, College of Business and Social Sciences, and the Director, Landmark University Directorate of Entrepreneurship Studies.


 REMARKS: It is heart-warming to note the modest achievements the Centre had been able to make within the last six months. It is also noteworthy, the enthusiasm and co-operation of University Management, by ensuring a proper institutional framework for the take-off of the Centre. It is therefore, my hope, that with proper funding and better curriculum development, the University’s mission and vision of making products of FUOYE “a citizen of the world” in terms of marketability as well as in value-chain addition, through the promotion of Entrepreneurship in all disciplines would come to reality.


Entrepreneurship is a special academic discipline and a way of life. There is therefore, the need to recognize the interdisciplinary value of entrepreneurship and weave it throughout the curricular. The skills learned in the entrepreneurship classes and workshops are vital for the success of any business and future endeavours.


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