• Inculcate into the students of FUOYE, the spirit of entrepreneurship; develop leadership attributes and lubrication of interpersonal relationship required to setting up and engaging in industrial, commercial, educational, public and other organisations.


  • Teach students the application and rudiments of Entrepreneurship and Business Management      


  • Make the students, after graduation, a citizen of the world in terms of marketability as well as in value chain addition


  • Imbue in the students the value of handwork and reorientation of the value system


  • develop student’s understanding of careers available in business and industry and opportunity for self-employment



  • Develop a pool of potential entrepreneurs who are well equipped to start and successfully manage small and medium scale businesses.


  • Create, self-reliance, a capacity to respond to change, and an ability to generate, recognize and seize opportunities.


  • Develop an excellent understanding of how the work -place operates and ability to demonstrate initiatives and look for new opportunities in the work place.


  • Encourage self-employment as a conscious and predetermined choice.


Contribute to the knowledge and practice of Entrepreneurship and business Management through research, development of intellectual horizon of students through attachment to a reputable firms and professionally qualified entrepreneurs

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